The Relationship Between Law And Journalism

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Law and Journalism, are important social agencies that, ideally, have been at work to investigate, report, and penalize unlawful transgressions. As the world rotates it also evolves, and social agencies have to expand and adapt to incorporate these evolutions into the legal system to keep people informed and safe.

Journalism and Law have to face different challenges every day. Legal administrators try to find solutions to problems through mass communication. Similarly, Journalists report on legal matters of the country to the general public. The combination of both these fields can be a great contribution to the society and country. Here are some problems that can be easily solved through the collaboration of both fields.

Justino Garcia

Issues of Privacy

Privacy is the biggest challenge for both fields. Journalism and Law have always emphasized on the anonymity of individuals to protect them from danger. In law, it is the evidence provider, and for journalism, it is the source of information.

Both fields can work together to find concrete solutions for protecting the issues of privacy that every common man faces today.

Legal and Media Knowledge

Journalism can aid Law to become aware of technological & social changes and how they might alter professional and non-professional practices. Both fields are interrelated with each other, law is about providing legal solutions to the clients’ concerns while journalism is about investigating and studying public interests. Media can also help educate the general public and make the masses better acquainted with important laws through the guidance of legislators.

Court Reporting

Court reporting is a pressing issue for both law and journalism. It is almost impossible for the journalists to report criminal trials, more so when the defendant is a distinguished figure and the alleged crime might stir heightened public opinion.

No mutually agreed unproblematic remedy has been devised by the bodies yet. Both parties hold the other at blame and pass the responsibility onto the other. If this dispute can be resolved, the collaboration between these bodies can prove to be very dynamic.

Law and Journalism have always worked together. The biggest example of law and journalism working together is “freedom of the press” which became a civil right of the individual. This gave power to the journalists to be critical and opinionated without the extrapolation of the states or elite classes.

As society advances, there are different sources of information that circulate in networking sites. Law and journalism are important pillars of society that exist to serve the general public and safeguard their lives and interests, within legal parameters.

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The Relationship Between Law And JournalismunratedJustino Garcia2020-10-16 17:09:29Law and Journalism, are important social agencies that, ideally, have been at work to investigate, report, and penalize unlawful transgressions. As th…

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